Top 12 DIY Projects You Can Do with Trash

22 July, 2019



Nowadays, an increasing number of people are waking up to the importance of reusing and recycling trash and waste. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There’s so much you can do with recyclable trash items to give them a new lease on life.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Coffee Cans

Used coffee cans make awesome storage containers. Once you’re done consuming the coffee inside, simply wash and dry the cans, then spruce them up with some chalkboard labels or spray paint so they look nice. Wait for the paint to cure for at least 5 days before you use them to store stuff like cookies, tea bags, washing powder, etc.


2. Milk Jugs


Make your own watering can using milk jugs. It’s as easy as washing out the jug, filling it with water and poking some holes in its caps to facilitate the watering process. You can make multiple watering cans for your indoor and outdoor plants. This is a great way to save money on gardening accessories while keeping all of your plants hydrated.

3. Liquor Bottles

There are many useful ways to upcycle empty liquor bottles. You can turn them into soap dispensers, for example. Just drill a hole at the opening of the cork top and thread the top of a used soap dispenser through the hole. Fill the bottle with liquid soap and enjoy using your unique-looking soap dispenser. If your bottle doesn’t have a cork top, you can always screw on the pump instead.

4. Glass Jars

Glass jars are probably the most versatile item in your garbage that you’re not using. As Martha Stewart has shown many times, there are many creative uses of glass jars in everyday home and décor applications. To start, simply rinse and dry your glass jars. Then, pour enamel paint inside each jar, making sure the paint is dishwasher safe! Hang the bottles upside down and leave them to dry for 48 hours. Afterward, you can use them any way you like.

5. Wipes Containers

Like most people, you probably purchase wipes in bulk each month. That means you throw away loads of wipe containers every year. Instead of throwing them to your local landfill, try to find different uses for your wipes containers. The most effective use of wipe containers after they’ve served their initial purpose is to us them to carry plastic bags. You can keep your new bag container in your car or handbag so you always have plastic bags handy when doing last minute shopping. Reusing the same plastic bags will also help you avoid picking up more of them.

6. Wine Corks

Wine corks are all the rage among DIY-ers right now. Most are art projects and décor items that have practical use as well. This bath mat is one such option! To make it, you need 175 corks. (Obviously, you must be an avid wine lover to make this project!) Cut the individual corks lengthwise and put them into a rectangle. Then, cut out a shelf liner piece to size and hot glue the pieces together.

7. Cardboard Boxes

Most people use cardboard boxes to keep stuff in storage or when they’re moving house, but they don’t really consider other uses for them. There are many exciting things that you can do with cardboard boxes, especially used pizza boxes or frozen food boxes. After you’ve cleaned them, you can cover your boxes with colorful wrapping paper. Pizza boxes provide great storage for record albums, especially if you label them appropriately.

8. Bottle Caps

Bottle caps are another commonly overlooked recyclable, and you can use them as colorful refrigerator magnets. All you have to do is get 26 caps for each letter of the alphabet, cut out the letters from old magazines, and glue them onto the bottle caps. Apply self-adhesive magnetic tape onto the back of the bottle caps and watch your kids have fun with them!

9. Juice Cartons

Turn your juice carton into a cute change purse. All you have to do is open the top of the carton using your finger, rinse it out and remove its bottom part. Fold the sides of the carton as though creating the shape of an accordion. You can use this cool change purse to keep quarters and other coins in your car. That way, you’ll always have coins to tip the gate guard or run the meter.

10. Toilet Paper Rolls

You can actually make unique gift boxes from toilet paper rolls. To start this exciting project, remove any remaining paper from the rolls and use some scissors to cut off the ends. In the end, you should have half circles so you can fold the sides closed. Decorate using bows, ribbons, stickers, and paint. It’s so much fun!

11. Rice Bags

A burlap rice bag can be used for many purposes. For instance, you can transform it into a throw pillow cover that’ll add an element of rustic charm to your living room décor. To create this beautiful project, remove the handles from the bag, fill it up with cotton filler and sew in a zipper so you can close it up. If your bag already came with a zipper, you can skip the last step.


12. Cereal Boxes

Make a piñata for your little one’s birthday using cereal boxes. To start, cut out the shape of a piñata using an X-ACTO knife. Attach crepe paper onto the shape and secure it with some tape and glue. Leave a hole as a trap door that you can use to insert the candy.


Nowadays, there’s no such thing as trash. If you look online, you’ll see that there are plenty of ways to use “trash” in creating new items. All you need is a little bit of creativity. The great thing about reusing and recycling trash is that it reduces your footprint while helping to save the environment.


But, for those moments when it’s not possible to recycle or reuse your trash, make use of a dumpster rental service. This is a great way of getting rid of trash and waste that you can’t recycle at home, like roof shingles, tiles and window frames or practically anything else you may have laying around. 

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